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Moodle 1

All Moodle resources supporting courses prior to September 2015 are located here in Moodle 1. Your Tutor(s) will advise you of their specific location. Login to Moodle 1 by entering your username and password in the login box at the top left of this page

Moodle 2

Moodle 2

From September 2015 all new Moodle courses supporting the modules you are taking will be located within Moodle 2. Your Tutor(s) will advise you where the Moodle resources are located to support the modules for the course you are studying.

Click here to access Moodle 2

  • Turnitin

    Turnitin Scheduled Maintenance 

    Turnitin services may be intermittently unavailable during a scheduled maintenance period on Saturday, March 5, 2016 from 3 PM to 7 PM GMT.

    eLearning system status can be checked via the eLearning home page:

     "Turnitin Status - Keep up to date with Turnitin Service Status" ---> 

    Turnitin - System Requirements & Settings

    If users, particularly staff and externals are experiencing problems with using Turnitin and GradeMark then first check the System Requirements and Settings provided by Turnitin which should ensure that all features work, especially relating to GradeMark.

    Turnitin System Requirements & Settings
    Please inform second markers and externals of the above settings
    If problems are still encountered, contact the University’s IT Service Desk

    Further information on Turnitin / GradeMark and its use is available in the following Moodle resource:

    TURNITIN & GradeMark - Information, Help & Guidance

    Turnitin – Live Service Updates
    Check the "Turnitin Status Block" on the right for live updates..

    "Turnitin Status - Keep up to date with Turnitin Service Status" --->

    Turnitin Scheduled Maintenance:
    All Turnitin Services and related websites may be unavailable for use during scheduled maintenance times. Times for scheduled maintenance are the FIRST and THIRD Saturday of each month, 7am - 11am Pacific Time, which is 3pm - 7pm UK Time (BST).

    Turnitin System Status for Users:
    All Turnitin Service users can subscribe to the System Status Notification Service where a variety of methods are available to choose from (visit link below).

    Turnitin Scheduled Maintenance Information & System Status Subscription Information


    Multiple Journals Problem / Solution
    Some users seem to be experiencing problems with creating / viewing Multiple Journals in Mahara.

    Users can fix this problem themselves, when logged on to a University workstation by selecting the “Fix My Multiple Journals” link below.

    Fix my Mahara Multiple Journals

  • Student Resources

    Login to the Library Catalogue to renew and reserve items Access your M drive from outside the university Access your student record and manage your network account Access your Webmail account
    Access the Library home page Access the Student Services home page Access the University of Bolton Students' Union home page Download the Academic Calendar for 2012 to 2013

  • Need further information / help / advice / guidance?

    If you are a Student please contact your Tutor for further information.
    If you are a member of Staff please contact
    If you are an Associated Member of the University please refer to your University staff sponsor.
    For further information / updates and training, Staff should refer to the University staff bulletins.

    Click here to access staff training materials for Moodle

Welcome to the University of Bolton Moodle eLearning site.

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